Albert Krewinkel

I’m Albert, a molecular biologist turned mathematician turned software engineer. I am interested in open source, with a special passion for open science and publishing workflows. My main involvement is with the universal document converter “pandoc”, where I’m a core developer.

I studied “molecular life science” and “mathematics in medicine and life science”1 at the University of Lübeck, from where I received a B.Sc. in the former and a M.Sc. in the latter. Ironically, it was an enjoyable stint at the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology that led me more towards programming. I’m working as a software engineer since 2012.

After spending time in Lübeck, Hamburg, and Menlo Park, I now live in Berlin with my wife and kids.

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  1. My diploma actually contains the old, less accurate name of that program, “computational life science”.↩︎