August 7, 2022

Below is a list of projects that I’ve created, help to maintain, or that am otherwise involved with. You can support my Open Source efforts by sponsoring ❤ me.



Pandoc is a universal document converter created by John MacFarlane in 2006, and I have been a regular contributor since 2014. Components that I’ve written include reader support for Emacs Org-mode, support for Jira wiki markup, and advanced table support in many readers and writers. Also, Lua filters and large parts of the Lua subsystem were authored by me.


HsLua is a collection HsLua is a collection of packages; together they provide bindings, wrappers, types, and helper functions that bridge Haskell and Lua. It was a single package when I took maintainance over in 2016. Since then the code has been rewritten completely, with many improvements in modularity, security, and performance.

Pandoc’s Lua subsystem remains the main driver for HsLua development.

Pandoc Docker Images

We provide Docker images that bundle software typically used with pandoc. See