Install pandoc in custom Docker images


Do you build custom Docker images and need a recent pandoc version in there? It’s as easy as COPY --from=pandoc/minimal:2.19.2 /pandoc /usr/bin/pandoc


Albert Krewinkel


September 7, 2022

When pandoc is used in larger pipelines, e.g. in combination with Sphinx, it can be useful to pack everything up into one neat container. One option is to base the container on a pandoc image like pandoc/core, but this may be difficult due to other dependencies. In this case, the easiest option is to do this:

COPY --from=pandoc/minimal:2.19.2 /pandoc /usr/bin/pandoc

The snippet, when added to a Dockerfile, copies a statically compiled executable from an official build to /usr/bin/pandoc. The static pandoc binary can run on all Linux distributions, so it does not matter what distro the custom build is based on.

The documentation for the has more info, including a list of supported versions (tags).